What are the benefits we can perceive in the body by staying under the Pyramid?

Our body receives vital energy and a simultaneous reduction in stress. Furthermore, there is an increase in balance, physical strength, clarity and ability to concentrate. Some people feel warmth and others coolness, most a gentle swirling wave motion in the spine.

How long is it recommended to stay under the Pyramid??

It is important to listen to our body. We give an average of 20 minutes a day to feel the benefits which will stabilize over time. However, there are people who stay there for 5 minutes or an entire night (in case of need, for example if they are convalescent).

Who can use Pyramid There are contraindicationsi?

Children, adults, the elderly, athletes can use the Pyramid... It is not suitable for people with pacemakers or electromedical devices in general because the Pyramid creates an electromagnetic field that could interfere with the equipment.

What are the benefits for the environment?

In addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, having a Pyramid in your home harmonizes the environment in an almost tangible way. If they are positioned in specific points of the gardens or land they contribute to their productivity and if correctly informed they can neutralize the harmful effects of geopathies and electrosmog.

How do you find these specific spots in the house, gardens or fields?

Through the use of dowsing techniques which are based on a science called geobiology capable of identifying faults, aquifers, underground water courses, Hartmann and Curry nodes and neutralizing their harmful effects.

Trees, plants and flowers benefit from it?

Yes, many pyramiders experiment with home plants as the leaves revitalize and the shoots grow quickly. The seeds loaded in Pyramid are giving good results. Some are using them for their crops (bambuse groves) and others for private gardens. There is no shortage of photos in which the grass under and around the Pyramid is taller and lusher.a.

These benefits can also apply to four-legged friends?

Pets love being under this shape and will naturally nestle inside it. Cats in particular are extremely attracted to it and don't move for hours. We are creating kennels for dogs and cats to contribute to their well-being!

Holistic practitioners use it in their practices?

We are now a large group of people with different holistic skills who integrate the use of various techniques with the Pyramid both directly on the person's body and remotely. What stands out is that the unlocking and energetic rebalancing is accelerated, the operator more easily receives the information needed to support the process of awareness in the client who reaches his optimal energetic level.

The benefits can also be had on foods and drinks?

Commonly used shopping products positioned inside the Pyramid change their vibrations for at least half an hour, but if kept under for at least 24 hours they maintain this vibrational rise over time. We analyzed the energy change of oil, water, flour, wine and vitamins with BioWell instrumentation, obtaining a significant change after 20' ranging from 25% more energy in flour to 300% more in oil.

How this harmonizing effect is achievede”?

Thanks to the golden ratio calculated by the Russian mathematician A. Golod, the Pyramid is capable of generating and amplifying beauty and harmony. The divine number 1.618 was known and commonly used in ancient times by sculptors, painters and architects (see also Fibonacci sequence).).

What is meant by Sacred Form?

Any form emits waves of form or emissions due to the form (terms coined by the 2 French researchers André De Belizal and Léon Chaumery in 1939), but it becomes Sacred the moment it enters into resonance with the archetypal matrix of our physical and energetic structures composed of golden proportion..ea..

How does the Pyramid create the electromagnetic field?

As our heart beats, it emits an electromagnetic field that manifests itself as a torus. If you measure the space inside the Pyramid with a voltmeter or magnetometer on days with full sun or with a high KP index, you can detect the presence of millivolts and microteslas. If one of the 4 sides faces North, our Pyramid will enter into resonance with the Earth's electromagnetic field (as in the small in the large), further amplifying the field. All the pyramids on the planet have this orientation, it is evidently not a coincidence.

What does etheric nourishment meano”?

All pyramidal forms channel ether within them. Ether is the energy that comes from the cosmos and which on particularly clear days can be seen in the blue sky in the form of moving luminous dots. Ancient Chinese Medicine calls it Here, Wilhelm Reich names it Orgone, numerous studies define ether as Vital Energy. Staying inside the pyramid shape allows you to receive a notable concentration of this element which can be perceived on a physical level as stability, reduction of stress, increase in vital energy.

The Pyramid is indicated in case of real pathologies?

The Pyramid can contribute to the person's harmonization process, but it does not replace individual awareness or medical therapies.

What is the difference between this pyramid and the others on the planet that are thousands of years old?

This Pyramid is just over 30 years old, the others on the planet are probably 30,000! All are created with the golden ratio and concentrate aether creating an electromagnetic field. The difference lies in the way in which the number 1.618 is developed which in the Pyramid is created in the proportion between the superimposed spheres inside it rather than between the sides (Cheops pyramid) or the corners (Nubian pyramid).

There is diversity between the various materials?

To emit its harmonizing effect what matters is the wave shape regardless of the material with which it is built, so much so that A. Golod made them in fibreglass. However, a difference can be perceived from one metal to another due to the characteristics of the material. We build them in 5 metals: copper, brass, steel, aluminum and bronze; made of wood, mainly lime and graphene and Pla (biodegradable plastic material).

What are the dimensions?

The dimensions range from a few cm of the Pyramid pendant, to the welded/modular table ones of 22 and 44 cm high, to the modular or interlocking ones from 176 cm to 242 cm high.

Assembly instructions are included?

When you receive your Pyramid at home you will have the instructions included in the assembly kit, accompanied by videos and pdfs.

Where should it be positioned and in what orientation?

Choose a place in your home that is special and that you will dedicate to your moments of meditation, but at the same time interact with it so that it activates for you, your food, animals and above all your intentions. The orientation is very important for it to function to its maximum potential, it must be oriented with one side to the North.

How can I address my intent to Pyramid?

At the center of the Pyramid there is an empty space that you can inform and above all at 34 of its height its maximum energy is concentrated. It is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​the intent and write it down or formulate it by contacting the generating energy of this form. (watch the dedicated videos on You tube e

(179) PYRAMID and intent - YouTube(179)

THE POWER OF INTENT Pyramid by A. GOLOD, Pentasphere and Genesa told by TIZIANO GUERZONI - YouTube)

I can build it myself?

I was also enthusiastic at the beginning and did a long search among the numbers, texts and cards, pieces of iron, wood and metals, but only after purchasing some models from those who were already building them. I make them to apply them to people too and I choose not to disclose the measurements because I take responsibility for what I do with the Pyramids that we build.

Also do courses or treatments?

If you wish to contact me to receive a treatment with Pyramid directly or remotely, you can do so via email or telephone message. An appointment will be arranged.

We organize a course consisting of 2 MODULES on the topic of the Russian Pyramids:



in this meeting experiential parts based on various types of tests are interspersed to experience the potential of the Pyramid and its multiple applications and a theoretical cognitive part



In this course you will have the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of dowsing and their application to the Russian pyramid for holistic treatments directed at the person and at a distance.