Who I am

My name is Chiara Casetta “Xochiquetzal” and I have been practicing the nursing profession for 20 years. My curious and creative soul pushed me to study different holistic techniques at the same time. I got closer to the Russian Pyramid during a radiesthesia course and even if it was a simple cardboard mock-up, I was able to experience its potential. When I started using the iron reproduction it was a real revelation: I recognized that its sacred shape had already been active within me for a long time. I started using it to harmonize homes and people and apply it during holistic treatments with my clients, documenting its beneficial effects. The experience was so exciting that I reproduced it in various sizes and with different materials. Now all of Italy, a part of Europe and the world are "Pyramidizing" to my amazement and gratitude. The harmonic emissions of these waves of shape are so powerfully capable of balancing the cosmic energies with the telluric ones in tune with our specific intentions that enter into synergy and support this important individual and collective epoch-making energy passage. This site to disseminate knowledge and methods of application of the Pyramid.