By purchasing a Pyramid Energy (R) t-shirt you will contribute to yourself by perceiving an increase in vital energy, an expansion of your aura and to fundraising to carry out university research.

A university researcher Lorenzo Corsi analyzed a pull of blood diluted with liquid loaded into Pyramid and was able to ascertain that after 336 hours 70% of the cells were still alive while in the control group they were dead after 48 hours.

This data could give extremely useful information on the beneficial effects of the Pyramid of A. GOLOD also on our body. However, we need 10,000 euros to be able to carry out this research on 100 replicates and give a value of reliability to this first result obtained in the laboratory.

This is why we ask you for a hand if you want to make your offer by paying on the iban IT87R3608105138222177622208


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