Meet AUDIN™!


is the name of the percussion musical instrument created by Pyramid Energy® that emits harmonics and a fundamental note that changes depending on the size and thickness with which it is constructed.

This name represents phonetically what the instrument produces on a sound level: AU harmonics and DIN notes.

It was inspired by some people who, meditating inside the static Pyramids, perceived celestial harmonies.

Born on New Year's Eve 2020 while my partner and I were hitting the various Pyramids available and perceiving the effects of the sounds on our bodies.

I began to create them in brass and then in bronze, further improving the harmonic qualities emitted.

Over time we have had the opportunity to understand how vibratory effects quickly modify matter and sound further accelerates the benefits found especially on liquids.

Sound propagates in air at 330 m/s and in water at 1400 m/s. I like to think that the harmonics of Audin ™ have an effect on the conditions of human and animal bodies composed of 80% water. I invite you to feel the taste of the wine as it changes and the quality of the foods that receive these vibrations.

In the following image you can see a cymatics study and that the percussion of the base or the edge creates the two-dimensional Pyramid seen from above where the vertices are vortices of energy.

We have not conducted scientific studies, but only empirical experiments and collected testimonies.

AUDIN like all PYRAMID ENERGY ® products are not intended to heal, but to harmonize and contribute to our well-being.

Check out the video with Maestro Bruno Oddenino who helped find the notes emitted by AUDIN™.

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