Come with us to discover the Smart Pyramid!

Did you know that electromagnetic waves from phones damage our organs and our body's energy field remains weakened leading to an immediate physical imbalance?

All of this re-enters the macro theme of electrosmog which literally pollutes city homes and consequently our bodies too!

Instruments are available on the market that measure EFM waves and give an indication of their quantity as they must not exceed a certain threshold.

The new generation phones are created to minimize these waves that were previously less controlled.

However, with our instruments and tests we have found very interesting data,

We conducted these analyzes with webwellness, biofrequency software that analyzes 47 organs and systems, with Biowell, software that analyzes vital energy and the level of balance of the aura and with 100 kinesiological tests to evaluate physical stability.

Basically electromagnetic waves arrive, but their harmful effects are neutralized! on the contrary.... it's good for you to call!!!

The Smart Pyramid can be applied to your phone cover and allows you to change all of this in real time: * restores your energy level in the body * organs improve their functionality!

It can also be applied to wifi and electrical outlets behind the headboard, reducing their harmful effects.

After 18 months they become saturated, but it is sufficient to place them inside a Golod pyramid for 24 hours to restore their functionality.

Unbelievable but true!

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