How Pyramid Energy was born

My name is Chiara Casetta "Xochiquetzal" and I have been in the nursing profession for 20 years.
My research and creative spirit pushed me simultaneously to study various holistic techniques (Tuina for children, On Zon Su, Access Consciusness, Radiesthesia etc) and to work a lot on myself assisted by various therapists.
Since I asked for part-time work in the company, I have found myself dealing with children, parents, grandparents and homes. The newborns cried because I discovered they were disturbed by the presence of geopathies (aquifers, faults, Hartmann's and Curry's nodes…).
So I started placing scale reproductions of the pyramids of A. Golod in iron on strategic points of the houses and the geopathogenic waves of the environments were reduced to zero.
An underground stream cannot be moved, it is easier to choose to change the location of the bed, but when all this is not feasible, these and other wonderful tools come to my rescue.
A dear friend gave me the same large wooden pyramid and in addition to testing its energy characteristics, I used it to treat people by observing its effects.
All this excited me so much that I chose to perfect the model, creating many prototypes in many different materials and developing its various applications.
I present to you Pyramid Energy or pyramid energy.
The pyramidal fire (Pyr) manifests itself in the form of 3 energies:
• The first is determined by the golden proportion (1.618 the number of beauty and harmony present in the human body, in nature, used in art, cosmic matrix)
• The second is given by the three-dimensional shape that has the ability to activate a specific movement of the ether inside and around the structure
• The third energy is generated thanks to the specific interaction with the person, his intentions and the environment in which he is placed

So Pyramid Energy's mission is to Harmonize and it can be applied to environments, things, people, plants, animals.

By testing with radiesthesic techniques and special instruments, one can verify how water, wine, flour, plants, food and people change at a vibrational level after exposure under the pyramid.
The experiments can be extended from meditation, during which theta wave is rapidly passed and therefore to a state of deep relaxation, to the use in agriculture to activate seeds and plants, from holistic practices, to the energy balance of land and gardens, to be used for remote treatments etc…
I have created a You Tube Pyramid Energy channel to which you can subscribe and on the facebook profile of the same name you can follow its updates. My intent is to create a community of people who use it and who confront each other by sharing experiences to broaden their knowledge and individual and collective benefits.

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