Vibrational nutrition, in my opinion, is the new frontier of nourishment of the human body and highlights its ability to integrate vital energy. Vital energy comes from the sun, the earth and the planets and is normally called ether, qi, prana depending on the reference culture. The etheric body envelops and permeates the physical form of all living beings, allowing them to be alive and integrated with the most subtle dimensions (soul and spirit).

Vibrational nutrition begins by considering the vitality of the seed and plants and then gets to the way in which it is cultivated, the health of the fields, the transformation of the product until it reaches our tables.

Vital energy is calculated with the Bovis scale and a value is given that can indicate pathological food (from zero-3000), healthy food (from 7000-10,000), etheric food (from 10,000-14,000), spiritual food (from 14,000…. ).

There are instruments that measure the level of vital energy through the biofrequencies of the bodies (e.g. Life Expert) and through detections of the bodies' energy channels (e.g. Biowell).

With both static and sound Pyramids of the Stars (Audin™) these vibrations are raised quickly.

It often happens that "organic" foods do not have vital energy and will not be able to contribute to the well-being of our body.

However, the intent and concentration of ether through the shape of this Pyramid and the harmonics emitted increase the vibrations of foods, making them vital.

The Pyramids of the Stars can be placed in the fields at points that you learn to find during the Seminars. Furthermore, seeds and plants are loaded before being placed in the ground.

During food processing, some restaurants are choosing to integrate Audin™ so that when the food is released it is raised vibrationally with sound, cleansed of heavy memories and brought to the frequencies of the heart.

I thank all those who are believing that even the harmonious forms created with the PHI golden proportion can support us in realizing our well-being, growth and awakening.

In the Aqua Bad Cortina restaurant ( ) you can appreciate this type of vibrational nutrition in addition to the other wonderful offers of the owners who are open to wellness issues.

Choose this type of well-being for you and your family with Pyramid Energy® always with you.

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